Workshops-Resource Employee Relations

Workshops-Resource Employee Relations


Mediating Dignity at Work Conflicts: An Intensive Workshop

Cork - Ashbourne - Galway

Course Aim: 


To provide participants with key skills and insights into dealing with realities and practicalities in the conduct of mediation in Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment cases, through an examination of current codes of practice and developments; ADR conflict escalation; suitability of mediation as opposed to other ADR Processes in Dignity at Work Cases; and through the use of true to life case studies, examine practices and challenges in dealing with such cases.

Course Objectives:  


At the conclusion of the workshop participants will be able to:


§  Understand context of Dignity at Work in Ireland and internationally

§  Identify different types of inappropriate behaviours and different conflict styles

§  Recognise the full range of ADR practices and determine which are most relevant to Dignity at Work issues

§  Know the different stages of a Dignity at Work mediation

§  Develop a checklist of key issues

§  Recognise the potential pitfalls relating to confidentiality

§  Evaluate when to say no

§  Understand the case for & against mediation in bullying cases

§  Identify the different stages of conflict escalation

§  Analyse if mediation is suitable

§  Examine the potential for bias

§  Distinguish how different emotions might affect the mediation

§  Differentiate between different mediation models/styles

§  Identify competencies required for a Mediator

§  Develop their own style

§  Analyse true to life situations

§  Assess how to deal with practical situations

§  Recognise & discuss the complexities of differing cases