MediationWorkplace Mediation-Resource Employee Relations

MediationWorkplace Mediation-Resource Employee Relations

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR]


Resource Employee Relations intervenes as a third party in work place disputes. Third party intervention is that provided by parties who are not involved or part of a dispute in order to help resolve the conflict.


Resource undertakes these interventions in an impartial manner. It is essential in work place disputes that the intervention is seen to be neutral if it is to work at resolving the particular issue.

These interventions can also be provided through advisory services where an experienced advisor or consultant assists the organisation and the parties to the conflict to achieve resolution to particular disputes.



Resource can provide a service/process where a designated impartial third party makes a judgement on the issue in question that may be provided as recommendations and/or binding outcomes on the parties.

Resource has expertise in employee relations issues and will provide expert Adjudicators. This allows organisations and employees to resolve issues within the workplace without recourse to other third party processes such as the courts and/or the Labour Relations Hearings and Tribunals.


Resource also provides services through:

      Crisis Intervention



      Early Neutral Evaluation

      Fact Finding and Evaluation


      Mediation/Arbitration (Med-Arb)