Employment Investigations,workplace investigations,investigation-Resource Employee Relations

Employment Investigations,workplace investigations,investigation-Resource Employee Relations

Employment Investigations

The very fact that you have clicked on to this page probably means that you are aware of a potentially serious problem within your organisation and you are not quite sure how to handle it.
  •      Maybe you have a complaint of Bullying, Harassment or Sexual Harassment.
  •      Perhaps you have a serious disciplinary issue that has to be investigated.
  •      Perhaps you have concerns around fraud or professional misconduct.
  •      You are aware that you must face up to some tough issues.
  •      Who do you believe?
  •      What really happened?
  •      How serious is this problem?
  •      What are you going to do about it?
  •      Is it going to create legal or employee relations difficulties for the organisation?


A complete, impartial and timely investigation will assist you in answering these questions and in working out what to do.


An appropriate investigation is an important tool for maintaining a safe and productive work place and keeping you out of the courts, the industrial relations machinery and tribunals.


Resource provides a comprehensive investigation package through specific ad hoc investigations by trained investigators or additionally management and or assessment of investigation processes within your organisation

A badly run or slipshod investigation can in itself lead to legal or employee relations problems. It may present an image of carelessness and inappropriate treatment of employees which can rebound on the investigation.


Resource is committed to undertaking fair and thorough investigations, ensuring every good faith effort is made to get to the facts. Once an investigation is conducted legally, appropriately and decisions made based on the result of the investigation, organisations will generally be able to show that they acted reasonably in the circumstances.

The benefits of an effective investigation include the following:


Find out what happened

The immediate aim of an investigation is to get to the core of the issue so as you are in position to be able to handle the situation and what really happened.

Acting before you have all of the facts could lead you for example to discipline the wrong employee, to in appropriately discipline the right employee or to lead to a workplace problem to continue


Deal with and confront employee relations problems early

An investigation will assist in the prevention of relatively small problems becoming much larger and more complex.


Enforce company policies

If an organisation is not in a position to enforce its own policies these policies may become ineffective and may present a difficulty in their own right.


Encourage reporting

Investigating professional misconduct issues ensures that they are appropriately dealt with and employees will know that they must come forward with issues or concerns before they become a major problem.


Avoid and/or counter bad publicity

Avoiding or not undertaking investigations can result in an organisation being involved in public, legal or employee relations processes that can damage the particular organisations reputation.



Resource Employee Relations Lim provides investigations carried out by experienced, impartial and professional investigators. It is essential that an investigator should have some experience in investigation issues within the work place and/or some education and training on the subject.


Resource's lead workplace investigator has an advance accredited qualification in Investigative Practice.

An experienced investigator within Resource will know what to look for, where to find it and how to evaluate what she/he discovers.

Obviously experienced investigators are more likely to do a better and more thorough job that someone who had not taken on a similar project before.

An experienced investigator is more likely to find their decisions or findings second guessed by other parties either in the legal setting or the labour relations setting, including Tribunals.


Some investigations require special expertise on certain issues. Resource can provide appropriate investigators based on the type of investigation to be conducted.




While some employers are concerned around the issue of cost of independent investigation, it is always important that investigations are conducted by a person who is perceived by all parties to the issue and all potential future reviewers of the investigation to be impartial, fair and objective.


Someone who works within an organisation supervises an employee, manages within a particular area or who has a commitment to the organisation can on occasion be viewed as partial or having a vested interest in the outcome. Even if the investigator conducts an entirely fair and objective investigation this might never be accepted by certain parties to the investigation.


Resource investigators will act in a business-like dependable manner, will not allow biases or personal views be interjected into the workplace/organisations. When employed by an organisation. They will behave in a manner that presents a positive image for the organisation.


It is essential that an investigator is able to be discreet and preserve the integrity of an investigation. They must deal with the issues involved to ensure that procedural fairness takes place at all stages.


The investigator must be able to deal with sensitive issues without allowing emotions or feelings to come in the way of dealing with specific issues in the investigation.

It may also be necessary that the investigator will have to give evidence in further processes and it is necessary that this can be done in a professional and business like manner.